Spade Style Gaming LLC is the premier eGaming and tech services company operating in the United Arab Emirates. We offer various gaming services both online and offline. We bring the newest and brightest games on the market that are accessible to all.

Founded in 2023, we are an upcoming company with a sight set for the sky while trying to reach people from all environments. We want to provide services that are accessible for all and provide the best experience in a diverse society such as the UAE.

Our mission is to provide one of the most trustworthy and socially rewarding gaming experiences in the UAE. Following the industry trend, the expected turnover of a well-oiled company would bring a turnover of up to 20,000,000 AED. We plan to use this platform of ours, to keep providing the best services available for the modern eGaming world and only look to exceed the potential ceiling.

With partnering companies such as GI Consulting in India who have had success with various clients will help us have a seamless entrance into the market, we are expecting that their experience will only provide us with better services than ever before and help us be a pioneering standard in the market.

We are also consulting with well-endowed IT experts such as Cakewalk for best IT practices and knowledge in the modern-day UAE.

Building upon the success of our flagship products, we will continue to add engaging new content, creating a regionally focused, integrated ecosystem dedicated to fulfilling our users' evolving online and offline gaming needs.

To commence this journey, we are coming up with an application named KINZWIN which will offer games like Carrom, Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladder, Pool, Tetris, Archery and Disc Football.

Our aim while launching KINZWIN is to engage users in a trustworthy and socially rewarding experience where they can connect globally and the idea of incentivizing our users with exclusive and real-world prizes is what will keep a gamers community together.